The Dream Café

Last night, Gillian had the strangest dream . . .

I ask Gillian to record her dream as though it is happening in the present. This simple step

Wouldn’t you like to feel good and have energy every day instead of just on the “good” days? Wouldn’t you also like to burn fat and lose weight?

Did you know that only 5-10% of the people who lose weight manage to keep it off? Oh. Oh.

At last, it’s time to explore the meaning of your dreams! We’ll begin by looking at the people in your dreams. Imagine that you dream of having an affair with Bob, a man for whom you have always had platonic feelings. Feeling puzzled, you might ask yourself, “What does Bob symbolize in my life?”

January is the time when everyone celebrates new beginnings. The Japanese get a complete set of new clothes—good clothes. Then they unceremoniously toss out last year’s outfit. In the west, new calendars offer a month for every hope and 365 days for every dream.